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Map / Address TRH Ciudad de Baeza Hotel.

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Map / Address TRH Ciudad de Baeza Hotel in Baeza

Learn the best way to get to our TRH Ciudad de Baeza Hotel: check out on the map all the routes from our hotel in the historic centre of Baeza to Jaen, Ubeda and Bailen. Check out all the distances from this accommodation to the main tourist attractions in Baeza, a city declared Heritage of Humanity in 2003.

Hotel details:

C/ Concepción, 3. 23440.
Telephone: (+34) 953 748130
City RTA H/JA/518

Touristic attractions

  • Plaza del Pópulo
  • Jabalquinto Palace
  • Santa María Cathedral
  • Paseo de las Murallas
  • Úbeda

Starting point TRH Ciudad de Baeza Hotel